Saturday, February 21, 2009

Story Time!

Okay, every one gather round! We have lots of fun stories to tell!! :) - We went to the zoo today with Kayson and his cousin Jason (and Sharece and Bryce, of course). I forgot my camera but Sharece took some ... I'll get 'em on here later. For those of you who know Kayson you can imagine his "ooohs," "wows," "woahs," and just trying to figure it all out. He was adorable. It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time! - I am less than 2 weeks from my due date (by one day!). But we're getting excited. Things are mostly ready for him to come. Of course, the longer he takes the more I can do around here which is nice. However, I'm okay with any day! :) - Kayson had his Dyches cousins here for the last couple weeks while Karina was here for therapy. He loved having so much entertainment! I also think it was a help to prepare him for the addition. It isn't the same, but there was extra noise and a little less of my time (only a little b/c Kenna, Lisa, and mom were great helping out) -- both of which will happen when the baby comes. He even got to spend some time with Holly (3 1/2 months) and he was so cute with her. He smothered her with love! So, I might have to watch him closely, but at least it is love! I'm excited to see how he does with his little brother. - Sorry, no pics this time. I probably do have some good ones I could add, but I'm just not feeling up to it at the moment. I just figured I needed to update something since it has been so long. Next time I'll try to have double pics to make up for it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well, this is my first time being "tagged" -- I must really be a blogger, eh? (thanks Sharece!) I'm supposed to post the 5th picture in my 5th folder. I think I did it right! This was in April of '08 when we were in Florida. Aren't my boys cute!?! Now (this is going to prove I'm not MUCH of a blogger) I don't know of 5 people I could tag ... so, you just get to enjoy the pic and anyone who WANTS to post their 5th pic .. I tag YOU!