Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My little one!

Lendon is such a good little boy .. the only thing that seems to bother him is tummy aches. These make him sad and not able to sleep :( Poor guy. But it isn't too bad. He is such a good kid, very mellow and a good eater. He is getting stronger, trying so hard to hold his little head up. We are really enjoying him. More pictures for you! Hasn't he grown up already!?! A couple sweet smiles! Look at those "shoes" - they are really socks and look so good! Thanks Sharece! Does it show that I love him!?! Kayson is such a good helper. He'll bring me blankets (and more blankets) for Lendon, he'll give Lendon a binkie when he is sad (and when he is sleeping), he rocks/bounces him in his car seat/bouncer, he tells us to "shhh" because Lendon is sleeping! He is a wonderful big brother!

Who is growing up?

My Kayson sure is fun! We have so much fun with all his new things every day! He loves his sunglasses and has learned, from watching others, where we wear them inside. I think he really noticed it from Grandma with her glasses! Thanks mom! He wears them around the house like this so often! I love it! My favorite thing he is doing now is joining in more on the actions of songs. This one is the first song he started w/o prompting from us (at least the first that I knew what song it was!) He'll sing this one often! And he loves to scoot the stool or his chair wherever he wants to get up to! Here is a pic of when he scooted his chair so he could be closer to Lendon. So sweet! I love my "big" boy!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lendon Jess

Lendon Jess Arrington has arrived! I'm sure many of you know that we had our sweet little boy last week. He was born on March 5 at 5:43 am. He weighed 7 lb 5 oz and was 20 inches long. The delivery was perfect, he is healthy and absolutely beautiful and I am feeling wonderful! Jess and Kayson are loving the new addition as well. Things are wonderful! The transition has it's challenges, but so far I have nothing to complain about. From what I expected, things are going pretty smoothly. Thanks to all who have been there to help .. especially my mom, Jess' mom, and my wonderful neighbors who keep an eye on me! Life couldn't be better! Enjoy these beautiful pics!
Look how tiny his beautiful head is in that coat!
Cute little body!
Kayson loves his brother .. and LOVES to show it!