Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who is growing up?

My Kayson sure is fun! We have so much fun with all his new things every day! He loves his sunglasses and has learned, from watching others, where we wear them inside. I think he really noticed it from Grandma with her glasses! Thanks mom! He wears them around the house like this so often! I love it! My favorite thing he is doing now is joining in more on the actions of songs. This one is the first song he started w/o prompting from us (at least the first that I knew what song it was!) He'll sing this one often! And he loves to scoot the stool or his chair wherever he wants to get up to! Here is a pic of when he scooted his chair so he could be closer to Lendon. So sweet! I love my "big" boy!


The Clarks said...

i loved that video! so cute! =) and lendon is a cutie, too! he already looks so much older, holy cow! you guys have a cute family.

Sharece said...

Holy smokes! What a cute family you have. I love it! Your boys are so fun. Can't wait to see ya'll again soon!