Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful ..

... but Kayson is so delightful! We played in the snow the other day! Kayson got to wear his marshmallow suit. Luckily, it wasn't too cold outside .. just the snow! We had a lot of fun. He would play in the snow for about a minute then he'd ask to get back in the sled. I have to say, I make a very good horse to pull the sleigh (that's for you, Jess). We had a good time! It only took a few seconds for Kayson to figure out how to walk in his suit and not too much longer until he figured out how to get up once he fell. :) I think he is going to like these winter activities!


When I wink at Kayson, he winks back! He is such a copy-cat .. I love it! You can also tell that he only does things when he wants to! I guess that is a good thing! Enjoy!

My project is complete.

I finished my fun project I've been working on (a while ago) ... but I'm excited to show others!It actually doesn't hang on my door very often .. I'm afraid the crazy wind here will steal it away forever so it is still trying to find a home. But it was a fun project and I like the end result!

We got a Christmas Tree!

It's official, we have a Christmas tree! I'm very glad about it ... the house didn't feel very festive with just lights up. It's nice! My visiting teaching companion had 2, and didn't want both so she gave us one .. so nice of her. Well, here it is! It doesn't have a lot of decorations yet .. and even the ones we have only cover the top half of the tree (for obvious reasons!) Kayson loves it. Even when the lights aren't on, he looks at it and says, "ooh!" Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It worked!

Thanks Sharece! I double-checked and there were 2 of them that I had to change ... I dunno. But it is done! I have some cute videos and such to add ... but that will come later. I spent too much time with the background. :) Merry Christmas everyone!

Full of Thanks!

I truly am full of thanks ... but that is not the reason my background is still a Thanksgiving background. Arrgh! I can't get it to change! I do everything like it says, but then it stays the same as it was before. sigh. Just enjoy my "give thanks" background for a while! And since it is there, I'll just say that I really do have a lot to be thankful for. I often think how blessed I am to have such a good husband. No matter how busy he gets with work, he always makes me feel so special and loved. He never forgets me. My Kayson is another big blessing in my life. He surely is growing up. And when I'm having a hard day he notices. If I'm crying, he usually either 1) starts to whine with me (haha) or 2) he'll give me a hug. He really is sweet. I also feel very blessed to have such a wonderful pregnancy. People often ask me how I'm "feeling" and I can honestly say that I feel great! That doesn't happen a lot for women in their 7th month, I hear. I have a healthy baby, wonderful family, great neighbors, and a good ward. I could go on, but I'll stop there. I really do feel very blessed in my life!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cute updates

I had to put this video on ... my Kayson is such a good little dancer! He loves to turn on music and just dance. In fact, in church today, he was dancing as we practiced singing in the choir! He loves music. This is one I caught of him dancing with his farm toy. He knows which button plays music and will just push it over and over to dance to it. Don't mind the mess, Kayson likes to pull ALL his books out of the cupboard at once. At least he is a pretty good helper when we clean up. He is such a good boy. :) Other cute stories about Kayson: 1. he blows kisses a lot! Out of the blue I'll hear him from wherever he is, "mmm-aaaa." Sometimes it is to a random passing car. And others, he is looking directly at his daddy giving him a kiss. Jess loves that! 2. He is very much in the copying stage. "Monkey see, monkey do." If I am lying on my back reading a book, he will lie down next to me (sometimes with a book, other times with whatever he's playing with). He is also copying words (as best he can). My favorite was "uh oh" -- he would make the shapes with his mouth, but wouldn't separate the 2 words so it sounded more like "aa-ooh" :) I love it! 3. He is my climber. He climbs on EVERYTHING! Which is cute, but it sure keeps me on my toes. He loves the couch, my stool, his bookshelf (yikes), his soon-to-be toddler bed, our drawers, etc, etc, etc. You name it, he has climbed on it .. or at least has tried! And for me: This week is a busy one in the ward. We have a relief society dinner on Thursday night, choir practice Saturday morn, ward dinner Saturday night, and a stake music program on Sunday eve (which I am a part of as primary chorister!) My primary gets to sing "A Shephard's Carol" at the stake program. They are so cute singing it in a round and surprisingly did really well today (our first time as a round). They are such good, fun kids! It will be a busy weekend, but it should be very fun! And Jess: Work is busy as can be. Luckily, he loves his job. The Purchase Order for Good Year finally came this week. As most of you know, he has been working on this one for a long time and was so glad when they decided to purchase. Well, with the PO it really is official. He was excited. A good friend of Jess' volunteered to watch Kayson on Saturday so we got to have the afternoon together. We went to the temple and did sealings, and had lunch at the Olive Garden - yum. Then we just did a bit of Christmas shopping (we are almost done, yay!). It was fun to spend time just the two of us. (I am a mom, tho, and did miss Kayson like crazy ... always wondering how he was doing. Don't worry, he was fine! of course!) The end .. until next time.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving report!

Our Thanksgiving weekend was a BLAST! We got to spend the weekend with Jess' family .. it was perfect. Kayson loved his Thanksgiving feast! I don't think there was anything he didn't like to eat. Of course, he always has been a great eater ... you wouldn't be able to tell by his cute skinny body. I guess that is one more thing that he gets from his daddy -- tall and skinny with a high metabolism!! :)
Kayson had so much fun playing with his cousins. I meant to take more pictures, but I enjoy watching him so much I don't want to interfere by leaving to find the camera! I guess I just need to hook it to my belt so I have it at all times! :) This is one video I got of him playing in the "kids" drawer at his Grammy's.

We also got to see my side of the fam when we went to Hyrum for Holly's blessing. That was wonderful! Holly sure is a precious little girl. We enjoyed spending time there as well.

We love being with family, but it sure is nice to come back home. Kayson played and played when we got here. He was the happiest of all to be in his home!