Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cute updates

I had to put this video on ... my Kayson is such a good little dancer! He loves to turn on music and just dance. In fact, in church today, he was dancing as we practiced singing in the choir! He loves music. This is one I caught of him dancing with his farm toy. He knows which button plays music and will just push it over and over to dance to it. Don't mind the mess, Kayson likes to pull ALL his books out of the cupboard at once. At least he is a pretty good helper when we clean up. He is such a good boy. :) Other cute stories about Kayson: 1. he blows kisses a lot! Out of the blue I'll hear him from wherever he is, "mmm-aaaa." Sometimes it is to a random passing car. And others, he is looking directly at his daddy giving him a kiss. Jess loves that! 2. He is very much in the copying stage. "Monkey see, monkey do." If I am lying on my back reading a book, he will lie down next to me (sometimes with a book, other times with whatever he's playing with). He is also copying words (as best he can). My favorite was "uh oh" -- he would make the shapes with his mouth, but wouldn't separate the 2 words so it sounded more like "aa-ooh" :) I love it! 3. He is my climber. He climbs on EVERYTHING! Which is cute, but it sure keeps me on my toes. He loves the couch, my stool, his bookshelf (yikes), his soon-to-be toddler bed, our drawers, etc, etc, etc. You name it, he has climbed on it .. or at least has tried! And for me: This week is a busy one in the ward. We have a relief society dinner on Thursday night, choir practice Saturday morn, ward dinner Saturday night, and a stake music program on Sunday eve (which I am a part of as primary chorister!) My primary gets to sing "A Shephard's Carol" at the stake program. They are so cute singing it in a round and surprisingly did really well today (our first time as a round). They are such good, fun kids! It will be a busy weekend, but it should be very fun! And Jess: Work is busy as can be. Luckily, he loves his job. The Purchase Order for Good Year finally came this week. As most of you know, he has been working on this one for a long time and was so glad when they decided to purchase. Well, with the PO it really is official. He was excited. A good friend of Jess' volunteered to watch Kayson on Saturday so we got to have the afternoon together. We went to the temple and did sealings, and had lunch at the Olive Garden - yum. Then we just did a bit of Christmas shopping (we are almost done, yay!). It was fun to spend time just the two of us. (I am a mom, tho, and did miss Kayson like crazy ... always wondering how he was doing. Don't worry, he was fine! of course!) The end .. until next time.


Sharece said...

What a cute little dancer you have!! That is such a fun video. I sure like your Kayson. And it sounds like you and Jess had a fun afternoon together. I want to do that soon with my husband. And Congrats Jess on the Goodyear PO. That's exciting.

Shonda said...

That kid looks like he has rhythm. It seems like he only gets off-beat a little because he's not entirely balanced yet. Such a cute video. That was fun to watch.

Nat and Kari said...

Very cute little boy! Sounds like you guys are keeping busy. Glad to have found your blog. =)