Monday, November 16, 2009

My happy helper

Kayson is my big helper. Here is a clip of a few things I caught him doing. These are not just for the video .. he does these things with me often. As you can see, some of them are more imitating than actually doing it, but I still think it is wonderful and so fun to watch! Enjoy! He is also learning how to put on his own pants ... mostly!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My fun project.

I know .. when I post, I really post. Make sure you look below, there are about 4 new posts for you to enjoy. This one is about ME! I've found a new hobby. It isn't an every day thing, but for special occasions, I sure have fun doing it. My dad had his 60th birthday on Saturday, so we all got together to celebrate. I was put in charge of the cake because I've had some fun with others before. My dad grew up as a farmer and, as Shonda said, he will always be a farmer! So, in celebration of his birth and who he is, this is what I did: It is far from being done professionally, but it was a lot of fun to do! It took a little time and planning, but fun projects like this are just what I need every once in a while. I am slowly trying to add fun things in my day-to-day life to give myself a little more ... substance! So this was great!

My little Lendon

Lendon loves mirrors! Often, I will bring my little mirror to church with us as a toy .. it entertains him so well! I came in to find Lendon like this. He was "stuck" because he couldn't get out of this position .. but he did not care. He was happy as can be just smiling and having fun! Check out that tooth! (trust me, the pic is lots better than the last ones I posted) My cute Len is the happiest baby! Here is a fun video that shows it.

Kayson cuteness!

Have I mentioned Kayson loves trains! Well, this is Kayson with his own train, that he put together himself. The other day, I asked Kayson to go get me a tissue for Lendon. It took him a little while and later I figured out why! I just love that he tried to fix it! Driving his car in the pile of leaves!


I know Halloween is long over, but I know everyone wants to see my boys in their costumes .. right!?! Or maybe I just want to show everyone!! :) It was a very fun Halloween, we went up to his Grammy and Papa's house for the weekend and had so much fun. Their ward had a carnival at the church on Thursday, so they got to dress up twice. In fact, Kayson has 2 costumes so he got to wear both. For the carnival, he was this green monster. He thought it was pretty neat to wear! He posed for a lot of cute pictures, but here is a fun one with Lendon, our jack-o-lantern! Cute Len-o-lantern! On Halloween, we ate dinner in a pumpkin at Grandma Parks and did trick-or-treating around there. Kayson was a lion this time. I couldn't get him to smile, because he would always roar. I should have known .. lions don't smile, they roar! Trick-or-treat! And here is the roar! That green thing he is holding .. a mirror! After his "nose" and whiskers were on, he couldn't stop looking at himself! This is Kayson's new phrase .. he picked it up from Grammy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Milk to meat

Lendon is ready for a nice juicy steak .. or maybe not! He is well on his way, though! You guessed it, my Len has his first tooth! I can't even believe it. It seems like there may be more on the way. This was my attempt at getting a pic of it. Good luck seeing the tooth, but isn't he adorable! Lendon is ready for a nice juicy steak .. or maybe not! He is well on his way, though! You guessed it, my Len has his first tooth! I can't even believe it. It seems like there may be more on the way. This was my attempt at getting a pic of it. Good luck seeing the tooth, but isn't he adorable!

Our fun game!

My new fun game with Kayson ... makes me smile every time. We always try to scare each other. Just a simple "boo" or "roar" ... and it is always followed by, "did I scare you?" You should see Kayson .. "boo ... cay-you" My favorite is when he starts it on his own. The other night, I was gone visiting teaching. When I got home, I hear "mama" as he runs to me and immediately after says, "boo... cay-you" If only you could hear his cute voice .. it's the best!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The scary silence coming from a 2 year old!

I'm sure y'all have heard, or experienced, how when a child is quiet they are getting into trouble. Trust me, I've experienced plenty. The other day, Kayson was playing in his room and I heard the dreaded silence. Much to my pleasure, when I looked in his room, he was sitting in the middle of his train track ... looking at a train book. I love surprises like that!

a fun outing

Yesterday, Sharece's realtor had a pumpkin party in Orem so we met her there for some fun. There were bounce houses, a pumpkin patch, "fishing," and donuts! Jason loved the bounce houses! Kayson wouldn't even get in, but he loved picking out our pumpkins! I didn't get any pics of the party or Jason, but here are my 2 boys at the park. And this is Len enjoying the balloon the next day! Thanks for inviting us, Rice, it was so nice to get out and play with you and Jas!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Now that you have Kayson imprinted in your mind .. here are a few pics of my Len! The videos weren't working, maybe they'll come later!
He puts himself to sleep ... most of the time!
Do I need to say anything on these?
He sits and plays for a long time! The boppy is just for me mostly (I feel safer for him)
Close-up! Playing in the sink!
He is growing up so much! He loves to jabber ... and he and Kayson will just jabber together very loudly. I can't even be in the same room sometimes. :) They really do enjoy each other and I'm glad for that. It's amazing how good it feels to see your kids play together .. I don't know how to express it except that it is good for my heart. That still doesn't suffice, but those of you who have 2+ kids, you understand!

Pigs say "ew"

Lots of fairs this summer ... here are just a few pics!
He loved petting the pony!
..and driving the tractors.
so brave :)
Len liked looking at the animals too!
Love this! Did I mention ever before that Kayson loves trains? Here is a side note: last night I was driving home late so the boys were sleeping and I hear Kayson say, "woo -woo." Surprised, I look back ... he was sound asleep!! He even dreams trains! I can't leave out the rides! He drove cars, boats, motorcycles, trains(!) .. and became a pro at every one!! :) Watch for the "conductor" waving at you!


Kayson and his neighbor friend, Gavin, have a lot of fun together. I only have this one video (with Rachel too) but it is a good show of how they play together. The other things they love to do together is play in the dirt and throw footballs. It is really great to watch. One day, Kayson asked to go outside with his football and went straight over to their door, saying "play." So we knocked and asked if Gavin could come play. I didn't realize my little boy is old enough to do that!


We had a lot of family get-togethers the last couple months. It was a lot of fun! We went camping with my family, to the Twin Falls fair and rodeo with Jess' family, and other little activities in between. Here are pictures of my kids enjoying their cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents! (please excuse the pics of Kays with only undies on .. we were trying to potty train!)
Eva holding Kayson .. they both loved it!
Now with Lendon!
Playing w/ Isobel
Sweet Grandma Polly
Enjoying the outdoors!
First canoe ride!
Fire w/ cousins ... it's starting already! Proof that Kays had lots of fun! Riding the roller coaster w/ Dylan! Driving w/ Gaven. Begging from Aunt Jenny Watching the rodeo w/ Papa.
One video to end with a bang! Jason and Kayson having a BLAST!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Loads of pictures!

I have so many fun pics and videos .. and I haven't blogged in a while. So, this will be a load of random cuteness! Enjoy!! Kayson loves to play with Lendon .. and Lendon loves it too. Here is Kayson's version of "this little piggy." (and don't believe Lendon's face .. he may look bored but he was so sad when Kayson would stop!) My Lendon is growing up. He is rolling over now! Unfortunately, he always stops and stares at the camera when I get it out. However, I was able to get his talking. Kayson loves to sing and dance. Here is his "Happy Birthday!" My own photo shoot of Lendon! He was so cute. Kayson woke up only after a minute or so .. so he joined in. After that, I had a hard time getting Lendon to look at me .. he loves his brother! My boys in their daddy's hat! More having fun together. Doesn't he look so big!?!