Friday, October 2, 2009

Pigs say "ew"

Lots of fairs this summer ... here are just a few pics!
He loved petting the pony!
..and driving the tractors.
so brave :)
Len liked looking at the animals too!
Love this! Did I mention ever before that Kayson loves trains? Here is a side note: last night I was driving home late so the boys were sleeping and I hear Kayson say, "woo -woo." Surprised, I look back ... he was sound asleep!! He even dreams trains! I can't leave out the rides! He drove cars, boats, motorcycles, trains(!) .. and became a pro at every one!! :) Watch for the "conductor" waving at you!

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The Clarks said...

that is so funny about him talking in his sleep! =) that looks like an awesome place for kids! love you guys.