Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kayson's pucker!

I mentioned once that I always beg for kisses from Kayson .. and I just wanted to share why. Tempting, eh!?!

Oh boys!

Lendon sure is growing up! It seems like time is going faster than it did when Kayson was little .. probably because my time isn't only for Lendon so I don't see everything every moment. Look at those big cheeks! Lendon loves to look at toys now! He just studies things. My favorite thing, tho, is that even when he's looking at toys, when I come close enough, his attention turns to me! Kayson likes the "new" toy too .. and thinks it should be his!
Don't mind the crying .. he just decided he was done "right now!"
Here is a video of my Kays. We got a new camera a while back and our old one is now Kayson's, since it doesn't work very well any more. He loves it!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009


This was just too funny, I had to share. I thought I was taking a picture, but it turned out to be a video instead. Thanks for being the model Sharece. Now that you've seen it, I'll tell you what she saw ... Kayson was being a bit of a bully to Jason b/c, well, he's that age and she caught him in action there. Sorry Jas!

Lendon's blessing

Sunday, May 3 was Lendon's blessing. It was such a special day. Thanks to all who could make it! The blessing was given by his daddy with wonderful family and friends in the circle. It was a special blessing for our special boy. Here are some pics of the day. There are so many good ones, but I didn't want to overwhelm anyone! Enjoy!
The boy of the day
His white outfit
Our family
Handsome Kayson

If you're happy and you know it ...

These boys sure put a smile on my face. Kayson has been so kissy lately. He loves to give kisses. As a mom, I can't complain abt that at all! I'll take them whenever I can. In fact, you'll often find me begging for kisses .. you should see him pucker, you'd beg too! :) He is so very handsome. Don't you agree? He also gives the tightest hugs. I guess he learned from me. He will just squeeze around my neck with so much intensity. I just love my boy. He is such a good sleeper too. I can ask him if he is ready for a nap and he will tell me. Most of the time he says yes, and if he says no, I'll ask him again later. I'm pretty impressed with him. He also loves to play in his room once I've put him down. But the majority of the time, he plays until he's ready and then goes to sleep. He even likes to play in the middle of the night (crazy kid) and mostly puts himself to sleep after that too. He is quite a funny kid. This is him ready for a nap .. only he went to the wrong bed! It makes him look so little! Lendon also makes me smile, of course! He is such a smiley boy! He just smiles and coos, even in the midst of cries sometimes. If he sees a face close to him, he will almost always smile. It is so sweet. I took him to his 2 month appt the other day. He is a big kid. He weighs 12 lb 5 oz (67%) and is 24.25 inches long (91%). Can you believe it? 90th percentile on height! My boy is very tall right now. He is definitely bigger than Kayson, I can see that. He is such a cutie. I love this pic -he is just so adorable. I especially love how it shows his chubby cheek!And just a cute one that I love being so strong. Did I mention that I love these boys? Because I sure do!