Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh boys!

Lendon sure is growing up! It seems like time is going faster than it did when Kayson was little .. probably because my time isn't only for Lendon so I don't see everything every moment. Look at those big cheeks! Lendon loves to look at toys now! He just studies things. My favorite thing, tho, is that even when he's looking at toys, when I come close enough, his attention turns to me! Kayson likes the "new" toy too .. and thinks it should be his!
Don't mind the crying .. he just decided he was done "right now!"
Here is a video of my Kays. We got a new camera a while back and our old one is now Kayson's, since it doesn't work very well any more. He loves it!


Amber said...

Cheese! What a fun boy! He always makes me smile:) Lendon is getting so big, where does the time go? Love you sis.

Sharece said...

Look at those big cheeks! What a cutie! I sure can't wait to see you tomorrow. :)
(And I hope Kayson gives me one of his famous puckers while I'm there. If not I'll settle for one of his amazing hugs.)