Friday, June 5, 2009

Water Fun!

Kayson loves to play in the water. He always has, but last year was more reserved when it was cold. I think this year he has got past that. Last week, the sprinklers were on, he was enjoying looking at them thru the window. Then I showed him what fun sprinklers really can be. This is us AFTER our fun of running thru the sprinklers. We told him to show daddy how much fun he had ... This week I spent up at my mom's .. just for a change in scene. It really made me want a back yard b/c of all the fun he had. One of the days, Kenna set up her water toys in their back yard. The cousins had a blast! Then Kayson and Jason bathed together too. hee hee. Sharece and I were worried at first .. will they do okay together? (Sometimes they want the same toys and don't play well together). But they had a lot of fun splashing and playing! I didn't get any good ones of both, but I got some good cheezer grins! We had such a fun time at mom's house. It was a nice break for me!

Party time

Almost 2 weeks ago, we had a bunch of ppl come to our house for Sharece's birthday. Shonda and her fam were in town, my parents were driving thru, Vince (and Ambier) lives close, and Sharece (and Jason) came for the party! We had a really good time. It was fun for me to meet little Renae .. what a beautiful little girl. This is the two newest "grand kids" in our family. They are just under 2 months apart .. I can't believe how big Lendon is compared to her! Sweet grandparents love their babies so much! It makes me so happy to see how loved my kids are from their grandparents. I love you, mom and dad! Thanks for having a birthday, Sharece, so we could have that fun party!

Trip to the Aviary

A couple weeks ago, we went to the aviary with some good friends of ours. October (their little girl) and Kayson have so much fun together. They loved looking at the birds, holding hands, and playing at the park together. I haven't seen Kayson play with anyone so well in a while. It's nice to see them playing together! The peacock was showing off for us, they both thought that was pretty neat (who wouldn't!).