Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My little Lendon

Lendon loves mirrors! Often, I will bring my little mirror to church with us as a toy .. it entertains him so well! I came in to find Lendon like this. He was "stuck" because he couldn't get out of this position .. but he did not care. He was happy as can be just smiling and having fun! Check out that tooth! (trust me, the pic is lots better than the last ones I posted) My cute Len is the happiest baby! Here is a fun video that shows it.


The Clarks said...

so cute! i love the clapping. that is so fun!

Sharece said...

O my goodness. His clapping is SO CUTE!! I love you guys!

Meyer Family said...

I love Lendon stuck in front of the mirror. That is is cute! And both the boys are darling in their Halloween costumes.