Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Airplane Ride and San Go-Lay-Go!

My fun family went to San Diego! We had such a good time. The boys were so excited to fly on an airplane! Kayson loved take-off, he had the biggest grin on his face and kept saying, "I like airplanes!" "I really like airplanes!" Lendon didn't like the first take-off, it kind of scared him, but the next ones he couldn't stop smiling! Because of our layovers, we had 4 take-offs total there and back. I think the boys liked that even better - more fun!
We went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, San Diego Zoo, and Sea World ... we had a deal to do all three or we probably would have skipped one, but I'm glad we didn't. Lots of fun! We also went to the Mormon Battalion Visitor Center .. what incredible church history we learned there, and the San Diego Temple .. beautiful!
It was nearly impossible to get the entire temple and people .. this is the best one I got!
There was a little "tide pool" that the kids could touch the starfish.
This is Len, when I told him to touch a starfish for the picture. :)
Jess in the Mormon Battalion attire. The boys would not put it on!
Sometimes they surprise me!
A favorite thing to do - chase the birds!
They must be their daddy's boys.
The best part was going to visit my really good friend, Hayley. It was so good to see her and catch up. I love the friends that no matter how long it has been, it feel like no time at all. That is Hayley! She is the kind of girl that makes you feel so loved! Thanks Hayley for a wonderful time!
I only got a couple pics with Hayley .. and they just didn't turn out. Bummer!
Jess had a conference so the boys and I went to a science museum and played at the beach. They loved the beach! Sand, water, and lots of space to run!
We had such a good time. I think the boys got too tired by the end with insufficient naps and late bedtimes (they were too excited to go to sleep most nights ... I found that when I tried to make them, they'd still go to bed late and I'd be frustrated so the nights I just went with it ran a lot smoother.)
We were there when about 5 million people around had no power.
Crazy staying in a hotel with no lights. At least they gave us a candle!
I'm glad to be home, but look forward to the next time! :)
Bye San Diego!

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Chelece said...

Looks like a fun trip. Although it is difficult it is usually better to go with the flow on vacation (we got back from Disneyland a couple weeks ago). Crazy that the power was out. It looks like you made the best of it. It was fun to see pictures of your whole family together:)