Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Great News!

Hello y'all! There is a reason I'm writing in BLUE here. Okay, maybe it is a bit cheezy, but I thought it was fun. You see, PINK won't work here because blue=boy. So, many of you know that I am expecting a baby! And for those of you who don't know ... SURPRISE! It's a very exciting time in our lives. Yesterday we went in for our ultrasound and found out we're having a little boy. Hence, the blue! We are both very excited and cannot wait until our little one comes. Well, actually, I do have a few things to prepare for first before he comes .. so I am fine with having 4 more months to prepare. :) Isn't it amazing the way a baby is forming right now inside me. All of you women who have had children can appreciate this feeling. I just feel that I am such a big part of his life already. And I'm sure it only becomes more when I get to hold him in my arms and take care of his every need. It is incredible. I wish I was better at expressing myself. I have so many thoughts and feelings flowing through me, but they just cannot be explained. *Lara*

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