Monday, March 10, 2008


Well, you can see how often I update our blog ... go figure since I haven't yet even told anyone we have a blog. Good job, me! Well, hopefully I'll get on top of it and Kayson and I (Lara) will update you more often! As of right now, our entire Arrington family is getting over a NASTY cold. I think we actually got 2 versions of similar colds which made it seem like they lasted forever! We all still have the lingering coughs, ick, but other than that I think (cross your fingers) we are getting back on top of things! Other big news is that we're flying to Florida the beginning of April. We'll be there for a little over a week and we sure are looking forward to the warmth, the beach, and the people!! (You see, Lara served her mission there almost 3 years ago!) Things are fabulous in our home. Kayson definitely brightens it up every day -- he is so much fun! However, right at this moment he needs his mommy so, I will update more later. Bye, Lara Joan

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