Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My newest project!

My big project right now is getting our 72 hr kits complete. I am so close! It seems like in the past, every time I would start and be so ambitious, but then I'd get stuck on something, not know what to do, and I wouldn't look at it again for a couple months. But this time, we are really going to do it. If all goes as planned, I should have them complete next week. I am so excited! This has been a GREAT project for me! I love having something worthwhile for me to do. It is more than just filling my time. I am doing something that might save my family if an emergency hits and we need to leave our homes quickly. The prophets have told us to prepare every needful thing. This is one thing I can do to follow their council, then I'll go on to the next! It feels so good to be prepared.


Meyer Family said...

Good job Lara! And your boys are sooooo cute!

Collett Family said...

That is a great project - something I definitely need to work on (thanks for your good example and inspiration). Your boys are getting so big. It is always fun to see pictures of them!

Eric and Hayley said...

WHat a good lil' Lara you are! My project have nothing to do with food storage - they are usually more superficial like decorating :) By the way lil' missy, it was SO GOOD to see you Sunday. It had been way way way too long. Your boys are so fun and so handsome.