Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We're alive ... and even smiling!

I know it has been a long time. Part of me wants to play catch up and give you pics and stories of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's weekend, and so many other fun things. Instead, I will just post some of my favorite random pics of that last few months. Be ready for some cuties! :)
**I told Kayson stockings were like socks ... **
**Kayson's snow man**
**Writing his letter to Santa with his cousins**
**Our nativity play (minus Lendon who was acting as baby Jesus!)**
**Have you ever seen such cute curly hair! I love it! **
**I know it's a bit blurry, but I LOVE them "reading" together!**
**Handsome Kayson!**
**Play time!**
**Handsome Len -- and getting so big!**
And for a LATE update ... Lendon is crawling like a pro now. He is soo fast! He loves to walk around with our ottomon and Kayson's train. He also crawls up our stairs (when he is feeling very brave) AND is starting to try and stand on his own .. only for a few seconds, but he gets so excited when he does! He loves to copy, copy, copy. He watches us and loves to try and do what we're doing and say what we're saying. He is growing up so fast in my eyes! He is so much fun .. he loves to laugh. He'll be playing by himself and I'll catch him laughing thru out. I love my Len.
Also.. Kayson is now potty trained!! He'll still have random accidents when he doesn't get to the potty fast enough, but I am loving having a potty trained li'l boy! His confidence seems to have sky-rocketed since he goes potty too .. in a lot of ways! He wants to do everything himself .. "I do it" and is soo pleased when he does it, even if it is something he has been able to do for a while. The smile on his face is so sweet. He also LOVES to give hugs and kisses. I won't complain!! Especially during meals. He leans over and gives kisses and hugs. It makes mealtimes go slow sometimes, but I don't mind. He really is such a sweetheart. If he is ever in trouble, usually all he wants is a hug from me. He sure brightens my days!

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The Clarks said...

loved all the pictures! your boys are so cute and getting so big! good job kayson for being potty trained! that is so great!