Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thank you to my wonderful husband!

Here is a big THANK YOU to Jess!! His work schedule is always so busy, yet he is always so willing to work it out so I can go do fun things. A couple weekends ago was the BYU Women's Conference. If you haven't been or haven't heard about it, it is a wonderful experience. It is 2 days full of spiritual upliftment. It was well needed for me and without Jess, it would not have been possible. He worked from home both days so he could watch the boys while I went. I'm sure you can imagine, it wouldn't be easy to watch a very active almost 3 year old and a very cuddly 1 year old AND try and work as well. However, my Jess is amazing and he managed just fine!
This is me, Sharece, and Shonda waiting for our class to begin on making your Sabbath day more committed to Christ .. it was great!
This last weekend, my sister's had a "sister sleepover" planned. It was all 6 Petersen sisters, plus Bettie, and even Karina, Lydia, Renae, and Gideon. We all met at a hotel in Salt Lake City and spent a night of fun and laughter together. Again, without Jess and his support, it wouldn't have been possible. He stayed home with the boys, putting them to bed and taking such good care of them for a full 24 hours! This break was also well needed, more in an emotional way. We laughed and laughed with everything we did .. and laughter is very good for me. It made me set a specific goal to LAUGH more with my boys. WHY NOT!?! Life can be full of laughter here too! And it is!
I didn't get a pic of the full group, but here is one of 3 of us. Just chillin' at the hotel room after a fun(ny) time of swimming in their pool and a yummy pot luck meal we brought!
Lastly, a pic of the hero of the hour with his wonderful boys. They love him soo much! Lately, Kayson will cry and cry when his daddy goes to work. It is so sad. But I sure love the excitement when Jess comes home - both boys run to him as happy as can be! I am very blessed to have such a wonderful husband who loves me and who takes such good care of me and my boys. I couldn't ask for a better husband and best friend.
Thanks, Jess, for all you do!! I love you forever!


Chelece said...

What a great husband. I am glad that you got some time to just be Lara.

Collett Family said...

Spending time with your sisters is so great. I am glad that Jess treats you so well. Way to go Jess! By the way, your boys are getting so big. They are adorable.

Emily said...

I greatly approve of this blog post :) I'm soo happy that you had so much fun on both of your outings Lara, you deserve them! :) and I am so happy that Jesser is still the wonderful and caring guy that he was when you got married, you two are both awesome! So, hugs to you both and loves! :D

The Clarks said...

so glad you could have a break! sounds like you had so much fun with your sisters! it makes me miss you guys seeing that picture! i love your family. =) p.s. lendon is already one?? holy cow!

Meyer Family said...

What a sweetie. How wonderful. I'm glad you got some time with your sisters too!

Eric and Hayley said...

Oh I am so happy you got to go to Women's Conference and a little bit jealous too. I have always wanted to go and have never done it and now that we are going to be out of state it will be that much harder :(