Friday, May 21, 2010

Binkie Boy!

For those of you who don't know, my Lendon is addicted to his binkie. He loves it. He'll see one and start saying please (so cute) then, when he gets it he opens his mouth super wide and chomps down on it as dramatically as possible. haha - you'd have to see it. :)
Well, today he was very sad about the toothbrush being taken away from him and after a few minutes of sadness, I decided to look for his loved binkie. I found 2 sitting in a regular spot and give him one. "Please" he says pointing to the other one. So, I give it to him. "Please" again .. I look, he's pointing to a binkie on the floor. I laugh and give it to him (why not!?!). "please" --pointing to yet another binkie hiding partially under the couch! You've got to be kidding me!! However, I admit, I gave that to him too! So, he went down for his nap just now with one binkie in his mouth, one in one hand, and 2 in the other. (Happy as can be, I might add!)
Silly, cute little boy!
There he is with his binkie .. and Kayson with his finger and "blue blanket"! My boys!


Meyer Family said...

Too Cute! That's so funny!

Sharece said...

O so funny! I love your boys!

Chelece said...

Love the cute story. Your boys are so cute! I bet you wish you had a picture of him with all the binkies.

Emily said...

:D heehee
That is the cutest story ever Lara!
I can just see him totally content in dreamland with all of his binkies. :) And I can hear you laughing your cute laugh as you hand over the next one, loving ever second. :) Love ya :)