Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yesterday, I was planning to set up our cool beach ball sprinkler for the boys. Kayson LOVES running thru any type of water and I knew he would love it. Lendon gets in the water some, but loves being outside no matter what we're doing. :)
Plans changed, however, when we had quite the rain storm!
This was our alternative:
At least they still got to play in the water!!!


Chelece said...

Good job Mom. It looks like tons of fun. Your boys are getting big, especially Lendon.

Shonda Hayes said...

Cute boys!!
Yesterday, we had a rain storm with thunder and lightning. Craig, Renae and I sat on the top step of our front porch where we were mostly covered from the rain but got a little wet when the wind picked up. Renae LOVED it. She was so happy and excited and bouncing up and down. I think she would have gone out into it if we had let her.

Collett Family said...

Your boys are both getting so big. They are so cute. Way to be flexible. It looks like they had every bit as much fun in the rain as they would at a pool. I can't get over how much Kayson looks like Jess. Maybe that is because you and Jess look similar anyway (is that because you have been married awhile?).

Sharece said...

I can't believe it rained yesterday down there! It was hot and sunny here all day. What cuties you have, and what a fun mom for letting your boys play in the rain. :)

Emily said...

Oh Fun! Always take time to splash in rain puddles its one of my mottos in life :D heehee
Remember when you me and Jess danced in the rain on the big field when we lived in Alta?? haha :D great times!

Amber said...

of course you let them play in the rain, that is your favorite thing. i love your boys.