Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anniversary and birthday.

I know I'm a little late, but these were such fun days, I wanted to go back! Our anniversary is the day before Kayson's birthday. We got a wonderful babysitter and spent the evening together. We were able to go to a nice restaurant and have the best steak I think I have ever had. Yum! The nice thing about Jess is that we can often share a meal .. so it isn't too pricey! :) Then, with a nice deal from citydeals.com we were able to go on a sunset sailboat ride. The sunset was nice .. and it was just nice to spend the time together.
This was the yummy dessert they served us on our boat ride .. unfortunately I was soo full from dinner, it was hard to enjoy. :)
My sailing partner!
Kayson's birthday was a fun day .. but I think it was a little full for a 3 year old. He enjoyed every activity, but when the end of the day came .. he was soo tired.
We took him to Toy Story 3 for a matinee. He was so cute in the theatre. I think he was very amazed at how big the screen was .. and loved the treats he got to snack on the whole time!
We also went to Pirate Island, where they have pizza and arcade games. He had a good time with both .. especially since his friends Seth and Ellie were there.
Playing air hockey with daddy .. he did pretty well!
He requested a guitar cake (which he kept calling a piano) .. so whenever anyone asked him about his birthday, he would say "piano birthday" or "it's my birthday" or "happy birthday me" :)
Here he is enjoying cake with his friends!
His birthday is close to the 24th of July which (for those outside of Utah) is a Utah holiday .. which means we can set off fireworks. So, we ended the day with some fireworks. He loved the ones we did for the 4th, so we invited a bunch of people from the neighborhood and lit up the night. He loved it. This pic is actually from the 4th, but here he is with his good friend Gavin .. watching the fireworks!
Bedtime! As mentioned, he was so sad. Is it mean that I took a picture? I guess I wanted to remind myself to take it a little slower next year .. fun activities, just not so many (or just not so late into the night)
I am so happy to have this sweet boy in my life. He brings so many smiles to my face. I can't believe at times it's been ONLY 3 years ... just because I feel like he has been in my life forever. I am so lucky to be his mommy and so pleased with the boy he is. I love you, Kayson .. with all my heart!


Chelece said...

What a good good Mom that you are! It sure looks like Kayson had a blast on his birthday. I am glad that you got to enjoy a evening with your husband!

Eric and Hayley said...

I'm missing my la-la-la lara right now so I thought I'd visit her blog to remember her. Your lil' guys sure are darling.