Thursday, October 21, 2010

And the new outing is ...

... bowling! My boys love it! Our first time, Kayson already knew enough about what it was to be excited. The second time we were planning to go, I told Kayson and he said, "I love bowling!" Lendon showed his excitement by chanting most of the way there, "I, bowling!"
Lendon could carry the ball basically on his own.
We still helped him tho .. that would hurt!
He just loves watching the ball go.
But even more, he wanted to make sure both
mom & dad saw him push it!
The happy bowler!
Check out his hold on the ball!
He's got it down!
And now for the victory dance!
They have a dragon that the kids can push it down the lane. Lendon uses it every time, but Kayson chose not to use it at all our second time. And he's pretty good! I hate to admit this, but all 3 of my boys (Jess included) bowled a better game than me. Sad. :( That just shows how good they are .. right!?! :)


Chelece said...

What fun you have been having. I loved your dinner in a pumpkin! Your boys photo shot was super cute!

Shonda Hayes said...

I love the victory dance! My sis, I signed up for our ward bowling team again this year after much pressure. Only the top four scores make it into our final score. Last year, my score never counted. Our first game is this week so I'll tell you how it goes. We should bowl together sometime so we have someone at our own level. ;) Love ya!

6littleanimals said...

Looks like fun. Your boys are QTs. Love ya all.