Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dinner in a Pumpkin

Last weekend, we had friends over for dinner. I wanted to be a little festive for Halloween and finally tried for the first time, on my own, Dinner in a Pumpkin! What fun!
My happy helpers, scooping out the muck and seeds!
They are hard workers and,
as Kayson says, "I a strong boy!"
The finished product!
I know the pumpkin looks a bit unappealing, but
trust me, it had to look like that for the pumpkin
to taste so good! :)
"and they all fall down!"
Having fun with friends! (If you listen carefully, you can tell Jess is having his own kind of fun with his friend!)


Kari said...

What a cool idea! That looks like fun.

The Clarks said...

wow i haven't seen your blog for a while! your boys are so big, and holy cow - kayson looks so much like jess. i love that ring around the rosies video! so stinkin cute. =)

Jess said...

You have the cutest kids in the world! The pumpkin dinner was fabulous!