Wednesday, December 15, 2010

O Christmas Tree

We got a beautiful tree this year! I have absolutely loved having it in my house. It smells incredible and is so full and green. I love it .. there is something about having it in my house that just makes me smile (except when my boys keep using the ornaments as a kicking ball -haha ... luckily they are shatterproof!)
We had such a good time decorating the tree! We set it up and put on the lights, but didn't have quite enough so only put the star on next. I know, tradition is supposed to be to put the star on last and Kayson was just too excited! So here he is putting the star on .. with his daddy not shown! :)
Without putting on the ornaments, the boys went to bed. Altho, they had a good time playing with the ornaments first.
It turned out as a good thing that we didn't finish decoration ... b/c the tree fell down on Jess and I that night. :( It was such a disappointment for the next couple days to have our tree here, but leaning on the wall. We tried again the next night, but it was very crooked and would have fallen over too. Third time is a charm b/c it worked the 3rd night! Hooray! I put on the lights and ribbon w/o the boys, but saved the rest for them to help me with!
My big helpers.
Concentrating so hard! The finished product! Isn't it beautiful!?!
This is what Len looks like when I tell him to "look with your eyes" .. only w/o me and the camera he is looking right at the ornaments.
I'm sure it will still be up after the holidays .. especially since we'll be gone for a while .. we are all enjoying it too much!
Side note:
Glad we got more snow, the boys and I spent the entire morning playing in it! We all had a blast! Here are the 2 things Kayson wanted to make sure happened (I only have a pic of 1):
1. Build a snowman
2. Eat the snow!
I don't think they anticipated the spitting .. but they thought it was soo funny. Eat, spit, say, "yucky" and eat it again and again and again!


CJ & Kate said...

Your boys are so stinkin cute :)

The Clarks said...

oh that really is a pretty tree! =)

Chelece said...

Such a cute family you have. I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas. Call me if you have any extra time this holiday season:)

Kari said...

Oh what fun! The boys look so excited! They're such cutie pies!