Sunday, July 26, 2009

For my birthday boy!

Kayson Danny had his 2nd birthday a couple weeks ago. I can't believe it has been two years since my sweet boy was born. It seems like a couple months ago we were celebrating his 1st birthday, and a month or 2 more when I was holding him in my arms at the hospital. Yet I can truly say it is hard to even think of what my life was like before I was a mom. Oh, I remember it (my mom brain isn't THAT bad yet) .. but you understand! My boys are the joy of my life. I think back on the last two years with Kayson and have so many wonderful memories already: sleeping in my arms as an infant (I couldn't get my eyes off him), realizing his eyes were going to be deep, dark brown, his excema, the army crawl, so many smiles, his "cheese" smile with the scrunchy nose, listening to him learn to talk (that's still going on!), first steps, kissable lips, eating and eating and eating, "talking" on phones, loving soft blankets, lots of laughter, kisses (mmm, I love sweet Kayson kisses), tight hugs, zrrbt's (otherwise known as blow kisses), "cheese", woo woo k-ch-k-ch-k-ch woo woo (train), his facial expressions (loads of 'em), looking at me with those dark brown eyes with so much love, etc, etc, etc. I love my Kayson so much. I'm so glad he is a part of my life!! We had such a fun time for his birthday. He got a tricycle. He loves it! He woke up to it in the living room with a bow on it. He ran up to it, grinned at me, and said "bike" then rode on it most of the day! I was quite pleased with his cake. He loves cars and trains so this is what I did. Do you think he likes it? Blowing out his TWO candles! He had 3 friends come to his party - one from the neighborhood and 2 co-workers of Jess'. They seemed to have a good time with the cars to drive around, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, Kayson's presents, and the pinata! Of course none of them could break it, but they sure had a lot of fun trying! It was a wonderful day. We all had such a good time. I love being a mom!

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Meyer Family said...

Happy Birthday cute boy! I can't believe my Bixente just turned 2 as well. It goes so fast. I agree, it is sooo much fun. I love the train cake! You did that yourself??? Awesome!