Monday, April 13, 2009


We had so much fun for Easter. On Saturday we went to my Grandpa Joe's house for their annual weiny roast. It was quite rainy, but we had a good time. Kayson loved running around his field and didn't want to stop. Later that day, we did our "commercial" Easter egg hunt, inside, with his gifts, basket, and a few eggs. We got more gifts than candy because I don't let him eat a lot of candy .. and if he isn't eating it, we all know who will (the mama - and I do not need that). The whole hunt was in his room and Kayson loved it. It's hard to decide what his favorite was, but I think it was his new superman blanket. Not necessarily because it was superman, but because it is so soft - and he loves blankets in general. Sunday was wonderful. We enjoyed the focus on the Savior at church. I got to sing in the choir, a beautiful version of "Jesus, Once of Humble Birth" -- they didn't have very many sopranos so they asked me to sing it. Normally that isn't too hard, but for those of you who know me well, I would prefer alto PLUS this song had a few VERY high notes. I did it, and it wasn't so bad, I guess. I mean, I hit the note, I just don't know how nice it sounded. haha. Later, we watched "Finding Faith in Christ" -- what an inspiring movie. It was nice, we paused it at least 4 times just to discuss insights that we picked up . . I love my husband! That afternoon, we went on a beautiful drive up the canyon and stopped at the park for our "spiritual" egg hunt. We have those plastic eggs and inside them I have put quotes from prophets, scriptures, and songs that we gather around after and read/sing them. Unfortunately, it was super windy so .. we hunted for them, but never got around to enjoying the message inside. Well, at least FHE was planned early for Monday night! I loved watching Kayson hunt for the eggs because the eggs were not his first priority .. he was just having a great time being outside and at the park! I love that boy. Then we enjoyed a nice meal at home. I was pleased with my meal of Chicken Cordon Bleu and a yummy veggie salad on the side (Jess was very busy taking care of the boys while I got it together .. and helping when he could - Thanks Jess, you're the best!) Kayson helped too. He was cutting up the broccoli with me - I gave him a butter knife and he really enjoyed himself helping cut it! Cute, cute. All in all, it was a wonderful day! At first, I was feeling down because we don't live by any extended family and it would only be us .. but it turned out to be a wonderful, memorable day with my boys. I love all 3 of 'em with all of my heart!

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Sharece said...

I know I comment all the time, but I just love your blog! I love Kayson's little legs moving so fast in that last video. So fun! It sounds like you guys had a wond erfu l e abst berb (wonderful easter)