Monday, April 13, 2009

My Growing Boy!

Lendon is sure growing up! I can't believe that he is already 5 weeks old! The time flies so fast. You'd think since it's been over a month I'd feel like I had a little better handle on things .. haha .. well, we're still working on that! :) As you can see by the pics, he still sleeps a lot. However, he is starting to have more happy awake time (I say happy b/c before when he was awake he was usually sad on account of an upset tummy, poor kid). He is a smiley boy. Today I'm sure he smiled right at me and FOR me. I thought abt running to grab the camera but I was enjoying the smiles too much. Sometimes you have to enjoy the moment, even if you can't see it looking back you can remember it! It was sweet -- he was lying on the floor and I stopped to talk to him, he turned his head and eyes towards me and gave me a big baby grin. I loved it! He is also getting a little more tolerant with loves from Kayson! Altho Kayson is getting a little more fiesty with his loves ... in a loving way! The other day, I caught him lying right on top of Len .. yikes! To Kayson it was just a full body hug .. to me, well you can imagine. :) Lendon is starting to look more like himself and not soo much of an identical to Kayson. When he was born there were only a few things I saw that were different from Kayson. But he is looking more different every day. Here are the pics:
Holding on to his binkie Sleeping with daddy
Awake time!
Just relaxin'

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Sharece said...

You got some really sweet pictures of your little boy. What a cutie! I love the story of him smiling at you!! Their little smiles just make all the trials worth it.