Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kayson at the table!

We recently moved Kayson over to the table! It all happened because he was too sad to eat in his high chair away from the table .. so we moved his high chair up to the table! He has been feeling a bit neglected with his new brother around taking some of the attention, I think the high chair sadness was from that .. he wanted to be right next to us. So far, he has been loving the change. I'll admit, it does leave a lot more mess to clean up, but he is happy so I don't mind. (please excuse the underline .. i don't know how it got there .. or how to get rid of it!)
Kayson eating at the table
He always wants a paper towel next to him to wipe off his hands and face! I guess I shouldn't ever complain about the extra mess .. he is such a naturally clean boy!


Shonda Hayes said...

That's just too cute when you tell him he has something on his face and he wipes it all off. Love that kid. He's so handsome with his dark eyes.

Sharece said...

O I love his big brown eyes and the spagetti all over his face! What a stinkin' cutie! He's so funny to watch eating. It's so cute with his head-bobbing and wiping off his face. What a funny little boy. I love it.

Emily said...

OMG Lara and Jesser! he is so so cute! i'm a fan of his way of wiping off the almost shook his head off of his shoulders :D

Eric & Hayley said...

He eats just like his mom! Hahahaha! You know I love you and I'm only kidding, but I just couldn't resist. After all, I am the one who wears an apron when I eat.