Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas break!

Are y'all ready for a LONG post!?! I hope so because Christmas is a time for lots of fun and pictures (especially when you have a cute little Kayson!). We've been "vacationing" for about a week and a half, with the term vacationing meaning Jess hasn't had to GO to work! It has been nice for me (and him, I'm sure!) We had a fabulous day on December 23, spending the day at home together. We got to play in the snow as a family ... Kayson had a blast! Apparantly, Jess is a faster (and more fun) horse than I am! Christmas Eve we drove up to Hyrum to spend some time at my parents. We had a good time! Kayson had been a little off on his sleep so this was his Christmas eve ... The rest of us acted out the nativity! Here is our cast: Jess is Joseph, Lydia is Mary, and my dad is (always) the donkey. George as the angel, Vince and Amber as shephards with their cute sheep, Dawn. And our 3 wise men (George, Devin, and Lisa)Not pictured: Lara as an innkeeper and my mom as the narrator! It was a lot of fun being together and remembering this sacred night that we celebrate! And with dad at the guitar, we enjoyed the spirit of Christmas music. Singing of our Savior really brings the spirit into the home. What a wonderful evening. Christmas morning was quite fun. Kayson went thru a 5:30am wake up time so we were up bright and early! But we didn't do presents until later. He doesn't understand it quite yet. :) Altho he does understand the concept of opening presents. He LOVED finding out what was inside. He also enjoyed playing with EVERYTHING ... his toys and other people's gifts! He had a blast!
On Friday night, Kayson got to spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa while me and Jess went to a hotel to just enjoy our time together. We had a good time playing games, watching The Cosby Show, and just being together! Kayson had such a good time with his cousins! He sure is growing up .. you can see him getting into their activities more and more. And we caught him a few times "hugging" his younger cousins. He ended up lying right on top of them! Yikes. At least it was full of love!:) On Sunday we headed up to Twin Falls to be with Jess' family. We had a lot of fun! We got spoiled some more as we opened gifts there too. Kayson (and his cousins) loved his train! Isn't Gaven the cutest helper! He looks more excited than Kayson .. I love it! On New Years Eve we went up into the hills and went tubing. The main event was getting pulled behind the four wheeler on the tubes. Kayson LOVED it! He kept asking to go again and again! If you look at his face, you wouldn't think he was loving it, but you should have seen him when they left w/o him .. sad as can be, and SHOCKED that they would even think about driving off w/o him on the tube! This is him during a ride .. it must be relaxing! He also just loved playing in the snow, riding the 4 wheeler, drinking the hot chocolate, and getting warmed up .. fun! Our New Year's Eve party was fun with the Arrington clan: games, good food, and fun people. I went to bed about 12:05. I made it to the new year, then I went to bed .. hey, i was tired! :) Now we are home! We had such a fun time, but it sure is nice to be home. We came home to a house of 43 degrees .. yikes! Luckily, our heat doesn't take too long to warm up. Today we're getting all unpacked, doing LOTS of laundry, and just adjusting back to regular life. The holidays were wonderful!


Sharece said...

It sure looks like you had a fun holiday break! Thanks for sharing those pictures and videos. You're family is so cute.

Bettie said...

I would have loved to sing songs with you guys on Christmas Eve. Thanks for sharing your experiences to help me remember the fun times I've had there.
(By the way, we tried the nativity with some friends and Bryce SO wanted to be the donkey - but we didn't end up doing it...long story.)

Shonda said...

What a great Christmas. The nativity looked different with only 3 grandkids participating. Thanks for posting pictures of it.

Kayson's so cute, the way he had his tongue sticking out while he opened the present.