Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kayson Updates!

Kayson started nursery this last Sunday! He was amazing. I figured he'd be fine because he usually doesn't mind when Jess & I leave. And it was perfectly fine. He saw the other kids and was ready to go play. We even peaked in half way thru to make sure all was well and he was just coloring away ... he saw me when I shut the door, but it didn't even phase him. That's my friendly boy - just like his daddy! Today, he had a little bit of a melt down close to the end, they had to bring him to me b/c he was so sad. He was definitely hungry AND tired .. not good. So I had him, but only for the last 5 minutes .. he enjoyed the rest! He loves it! Another new thing in Kayson's life is that we have started moving him over to his toddler bed. This is a picture of him the very first time I tried it. No - he isn't crying or praying .. that is how he sleeps! I think the camera might have interupted him because he cried only a few minutes later ... oops! But it was so cute, I had to! Kayson's scared/surprised/"what's going on?" face! Kayson and I have so much fun together! In this video, I combined 3 videos to make it easier. #1 - blow kisses #2 - practicing his name #3 - Kayson reading. I may be a biased mom, but I sure think he is so adorable and so much fun! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do ... but is that possible? You aren't the lucky one getting slobbered on!!!


bryce said...

Pretty crazy kid you've got there Lara. I love the picture of him sleeping. I had to laugh because that's how I used to sleep.

Shonda said...

He's so old! Can it really be only 2 months since I last saw him?

Nat and Kari said...

He's so cute Lara! What a fun little boy. How's the big boy bed thing going? I think we need to put Bixente in his big boy bed but I'm afraid he'll just keep getting out! We really need to soon though since Sebastien is going to need the crib!